Peanut Butter and Honey for Father’s Day Breakfast (A #SundaySupper Post)

Happy Father's Day, everyone!

When I think of my dad, I think of a few things - his goofy sense of humour, his love for Tinkerbell (which I've canonized on my leg in tattoo form), his amazing ability to make box-mix pancakes taste out of this world good, his trailer potatoes "with the spice rack" that he'd foil grill on the Coleman every summer, and his favourite breakfast/snack/anytime food: peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Ideally, he'd opt for sliced bananas on top of the gooey PB and honey combo, and the bread could be white, whole wheat, toasted or not - it was all about the sweet/salty/gooey concoction, not the mere vessel for it's journey into the mouth.

That said, in my own idealization of the dish (I guess you could call it that, although a recipe for it would be rediculous to write down), I'd pick a nice simple whole wheat slice, Kraft "Light Smooth" peanut butter (I grew up with it and hate the taste of "regular", and really hate the texture of any "chunky" PB), and either a local buckwheat or a rich Manuka honey. Bananas for me are in general too sweet (I am the kind of person who eats them mostly green with just a trace of yellow), and the texture of them along with the "too-runny" consistency of peanut butter on hot toast weirds me out. Oh, and the open face combo trumps a top "crust", IMHO.

Sheesh, I thought I wasn't too picky about my PB & H, but apparently I'm wrong! If you'd like to see more of the incredibly delicious offerings for the Father's Day #SundaySupper you can take a look at the links below, hop over to my live feed of #SundaySupper tweets or search #SundaySupper on Twitter (PS, I'm on there too!).

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